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Samsung makes good (maybe) on vulnerable fingerprint security for Note10 and Galaxy S10
Samsung has acted quickly to issue a patch for the Note10 and Galaxy S10 smartphones, after it was shown last week that the on-screen fingerprint sensors on both devices could be unlocked if a simple clear screen case or screen protector was laid over the sensor. Samsung has not yet officially announced the availability of the patch, but it has been widely reported in the press that it is available.

Following the revelations of last week, Samsung issued a press release acknowledging that there were certain problems with fingerprint recognition on both devices, saying that with some types of silicon screen protectors a three-dimensional pattern was generated that made the device believe it was being shown a previously registered user fingerprint. The advice the company gave to owners of the Galaxy Note10/10+ and S10/S10+/S10 5G devices was that any covers of this type should be removed, previously registered fingerprints deleted and new fingerprints registered.
Until a definitive answer is given, it is probably best for users of these devices to enable alternative security to prevent unauthorized users accessing their data.

Google replacing bricked devices
Users of Google devices Google Home and Google Home Mini have recently been experiencing malfunctions with their devices, with an increasing number of reports since the middle of September that they were becoming bricked for no apparent reason.

Google have now admitted that this is a problem, which apparently arises from some bad code in one of the company’s automatic firmware updates. The company will shortly be rolling out a fix to all devices that are still working that will stop this from happening to them; anyone whose device has become irreparably bricked can have it replaced by Google free of charge, even if it is out of warranty.

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