Custom Built for Perfect Performance

Home, business or play, we have the ideal solution for you

Have you ever been in a big box store shopping for computers and wish you could combine the features of two different systems into one? Unfortunately, that isn’t an option when you’re buying an off the shelf computer. But with Computer Tech Pro, we put the power of a self-designed computer in your hands.

When you have us build a custom system, you get a desktop that fits your individual needs and wishes. You can also often save big with a more powerful computer at a lower cost.

Our custom desktop builds are a bargain at just $185, plus the required parts.

Once you go "custom" with Computer Tech Pro, you’ll never go back to an "off the shelf" model. There's just no comparison.

Expert Builders At Your Service

Most people haven’t considered owning a custom built computer because they thought they had to know how to put it together themselves. Not so! Our Custom Building Team has years of experience putting together computers. We know what parts work best together and can get your custom system built in no time.

Personalized to Your Computing Style

Do you use graphics intensive programs and need a top graphics card? We sit down with you to learn about your personal computing style to help customize a system just for you.

Gamers Love Us!

Many PC gamers seek out custom systems with the right hardware to allow the games they enjoy to run smoothly. Online self-building tutorials are hit or miss. Why risk it? You can have your dream gaming system built by a gaming expert and never experience a lag again.

Have you always dreamed of a custom built computer? We can make that dream a reality. Just give us a ring at 352.742.3113.