Physical Ways to Protect Your Data

Physical Ways to Protect Your Data

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Most small business owners don’t know the most sophisticated ways of defending their data against hackers. However, there are some simple physical actions you can take to reduce the risk of data breaches.

First, you should consider covering over your webcam; a simple piece of gaffer tape will suffice for this. Hackers have been known to access computer webcams for voyeurism for some time, but not as much attention has been given to the business risks; imagine if a hacker can tap into your most confidential meetings through your webcam.

Sometimes, people can illegally access your data simply by looking over your shoulder, especially in an open office environment. To reduce this risk, consider installing privacy shields over computer screens. These shields make it impossible to see data on your screen from any angle except straight on, thereby minimizing the risk of passers-by, visitors, etc. getting a look at your data.

Finally, consider using physical authentication for your network. Most people are now familiar with two-factor authentication, the process whereby once you have given a site your credentials, a security key will be sent to your smartphone to allow access; however, there are increasing concerns that these keys are too easy to hack. For the very best security you can have, use a physical security key in the form of a Bluetooth or USB key.

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