Desktop Decluttering Made Easy

Desktop Decluttering Made Easy

Dennis Snider

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Many of us don’t keep our desktops as tidy as we ought. In addition to making it difficult to find what we need, desktop clutter can actually reduce the speed of our computers. Here are some simple tips on how to keep a tidy desktop and become more efficient.

Begin by considering what you need on your desktop. Which files and applications do you use most, and which have just been left there? You can use your OS arrange features to sort out your icons and ascertain how frequently you use them.

You should also consider organizing the things on your desktop into folders rather than having them scattered all over your screen. It is much easier to have a few folders, for example one for shortcuts, one for photographs, etc.

Make sure you’re honest with yourself about what you really need to keep on your desktop; don’t just hang on to things because they might be useful someday – if you really want to keep them, save them elsewhere.

Establish a set of rules regarding your desktop in terms of what you can and can’t put on there. All of us slip up from time to time, so undertake regular decluttering sessions once a month or so.

In Windows, there are a couple of good options you can use for decluttering: apps can be pinned to the start menu so that they can be accessed via the Windows key instead of sitting around on your desktop or you can pin your most-used apps to the taskbar.

Finally, a clever way of decluttering is to choose a desktop wallpaper that you like looking at, for example a picture of your family. Make sure that the center of the image is positioned in the center of your screen, and try not to cover it. Position your icons around the edge of the image; if your icons get to the point that they are obscuring the image, it’s time for another decluttering session.

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