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BlueKeep Vulnerability
Microsoft has been warning users of older versions of Windows (Windows 7 or earlier) that they need to protect themselves against BlueKeep, a new computer worm that could prove as dangerous as the WannaCry ransomware that caused such chaos in 2017. However, more than a million users of older versions of Windows haven’t yet installed the proper patch to protect against it.
It is hoped that the new warning from the National Security Agency, and an “Activity Alert” issued by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, regarding the seriousness of the BlueKeep threat, will finally encourage recalcitrant Windows legacy users to protect machines.
The security update can be found at this address:

Menu off the menu?
Rumors from normally authoritative sources have suggested that Microsoft is considering removing the underused Menu key (on the right of the spacebar). The company has been surveying Windows 10 users to find out whether those with keyboards with a new Office key replacing the Menu key are finding it useful. They have also been asking users what use they have made all of the new shortcuts made available, how they could be improved, and whether the Office key would be useful on a laptop.

It is thought that most users ignore the Menu key, and many keyboards have a function key in its place. From that point of view, the Menu key wouldn’t be a great loss. Nevertheless, it appears that the new Office key will only be usable for shortcuts within Office – useful for heavy users, but light users or those who use alternative systems won’t use it at all. However, if the feedback is favorable it seems that Microsoft will be rolling it out on their own brand keyboards; it seems likely that with older or non-Microsoft keyboards it will simply be possible to use the Menu key as an Office key.

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