Google is Splitting Drive and Photos

Google is Splitting Drive and Photos

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Starting July 10, Google Photos and Google Drive will be uncoupled, meaning that the apps will no longer automatically sync your pictures, i.e. if you upload a picture or edit it on Google Drive, it will not necessarily appear in Photos, and vice versa.

Google claims users were confused by the synchronized relationship, but this will impact those who use both services and are accustomed to content synchronization.

Fortunately, there is a way to carry on synchronizing Drive and Photos, and in July Google will be releasing tools to help synchronize the apps together.

One method is to use the Google Backup and Sync app, available for Windows and iOS; this app allows you to backup pictures from your devices or storage and will place copies onto both services.

Simply download the app and install it, giving it access to your photos. A Google Drive folder will be installed on your device, and you can drop any files you want to sync with Google Drive into it. You can also add folders already on your computer through the Preferences option.
A second method is to take your photos and videos from Drive and copy them to Photos; in July, Google will be releasing a Share with Me tool to facilitate this. However, there will be no synchronization between duplicate files, so, unlike before, edits made on one service won’t be mirrored on another.

It’s also worth noting that if you copy an image over at its original size, that image will now count double towards your storage cap.

There is also a way to make sure that the Google Photos app synchronizes with the Google Photos library storage facility: open Google Photos and choose Settings from the hamburger menu. Select Backup & Sync, and make sure you have it switched on.

Once you do, you can be sure that your pictures will be backed up to the right account. Also, when in Device Folders, you can sync up other folders with the Google Photos library.

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