Is Your Google History Undermining Your Privacy?

Is Your Google History Undermining Your Privacy?


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People are increasingly conscious of the fact that there’s an awful lot of information held about them and their Internet usage, and many Internet users want to reduce the amount of information that is available about them online.

If you delete your web browser and search history with Google, you can limit the amount of information that is available about you out there. However, even if you employ the company’s Incognito web browser, you can’t be guaranteed complete anonymity.

One method by which you can better safeguard your privacy is by using a browser that offers similar services to Google but doesn’t track your behaviors; for example, DuckDuckGo.

However, if you’re still using Google, you’ll probably want to try and get rid of some of the history that’s held about you. Simply deleting your web browsing history won’t remove all the information Google holds. Other areas of data have to be deleted individually, such as your location history, which tracks where you have been using Google maps.

Even in situations in which you delete the Google activity, the browser will still record that you carried out a search on a particular time and date; it’ll just delete what you are searching for. However, Google does promise that it will delete data related to your account once you have deleted it.

To prevent Google from tracking your activity in the future, simply go to Google settings and select “Stop Saving Activity.”

To delete your Google browser history, sign into your Google account and open Chrome on your computer. Select More on the top right, then History >Clear browsing data and choose the time range you want to clear and the type of information you would like to delete. Then select “Clear browsing data.” Be aware that clearing your history will also clear your saved passwords; as such, you will need to renter them on an individual basis.

To delete your Google search history, choose My activity >More >Delete activity by >Delete by date >All-time >Delete. You can filter this data to ensure that you only delete specific times or items as you wish.

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