The New iPhones. Are They All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

The New iPhones. Are They All They’re Cracked Up to Be?


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The new iPhone XS Max and XS have the biggest displays of any iPhone yet – but they’re also the highest priced. Sure, they’ve got terrific cameras, but iPhones always have. The new A12 Bionic processor speeds up performance and Apple say the batteries last a little longer. However, these phones don’t represent a massive step forward from the iPhone X. Here are some of the good and the bad elements of the new offerings:


Large displays
The XS Max has a 6.5-inch full coverage display, the biggest ever on an iPhone, and a smaller footprint than the iPhone 8+, the screen of which was an inch smaller. The finish is very attractive – if you don’t put it in a case – and Apple assert that the glass is the toughest any smartphone has ever had.

Both phones have a pair of 12-megapixel cameras facing rearwards, with a wide-angle and a telephoto option. With bigger pixels and Smart HDR, Apple claims your pictures will be much improved thanks to new features such as the portrait mode which offers enhanced adjustable background and depth of field.

Liquid Resistance
All iPhones are water resistant, but Apple claims that the new phones can cope with contact with all sorts of liquids, from coffee to soda to alcohol.

With four built-in microphones, videos can now have full stereo sound, which works to near-professional standards.

iOS 12
iOS 12 can be used to upgrade previous models of iPhone, but it comes as standard on these new phones and includes several handy new elements such as adding video effects to messages and limiting usage time.

Dual SIM
The new phones have the capacity to hold two SIM cards at once, so you can have two numbers on the same phone; however, this useful feature will only be available when carriers catch up with it.


At $1000, you must ask yourself whether you would be just as well off with one of the lower-priced models.

Lack of Adapter
iPhones no longer come with the cheap adapter that allows you to use your wired headphones, doubtless trying to encourage you to buy Apple’s wireless offering.

Smaller Screens Are Gone
When it comes to the latest range, there is no longer an option to buy an iPhone that has a smaller screen, even though plenty of people still prefer small models.

Charging Options
The new phones do charge quickly (50% in 30 minutes), but only if you use an add-on USB-C cable; the plug-in charger provided is much slower.

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