You can now use Google Calendar to Track How Much Time You Spend Working

You can now use Google Calendar to Track How Much Time You Spend Working

Dennis Snider

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Google will soon be adding a new feature to Google Calendar titled “Time Insights.” According to Google’s blog, the new feature will show users how much time they spend on apps and how much of their working week is spent in meetings. However, while you will be able to set a time limit for the time you spend on each app, you will not be able to limit how much time you spend in meetings. Instead, you can use Time Insights to assess whether you are using time productively and which colleagues you are meeting with the most on frequent basis. If any meeting entries involve you as the only attendee, the time will not be added to your total meeting time.

One of the charts you will be able to view include a chart of total time per week spent in meetings (broken down by the number of attendees), days on the week you are busiest, and the average hours per day you spend in meetings. All of this information can only be accessed by the user involved; his or her manager will not be able to view the data.

The new feature will be activated by default once it is available. Although you can opt to turn it off via Workspace admins, it can not be entirely disabled.

After it has been rolled out, the Time Insights feature will be available to Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Enterprise Standard, Business Standard, and Non-profit subscribers. Unfortunately, users of G Suite Basic, Google Workspace Business Starter, G Suite Business, Essentials, Enterprise Essentials, Education Fundamentals, and Frontline groups will not have access to the tool.