The Valuable Business Data Hackers Can Steal with Ease

The Valuable Business Data Hackers Can Steal with Ease

Dennis Snider

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You may be surprised to learn that the dark web marketplaces are stacked full of unsavoury characters selling data from enterprises just like yours. Here’s the information they are interested in and how they get their hands on it.

RDP Credentials

Windows PCs use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocols or (RDP) to enable remote network connections.

RDP is typically employed for remote system management or to gain access to virtual desktops—activities that have increased exponentially in the world of COVID-19.

However, these credentials can be very easy to steal because users set up very basic passwords to access the network. If hackers get their hands on them, they can access an organization’s network and cause untold damage, including ransomware attacks, data breaches, data spying, and worse.

There are many sites operating on the dark web that offer bundles of these stolen RDP credentials for as little as $10 USD. Hackers who purchase these logins can subsequently remotely access your network and start to cause problems without you having any idea of their existence.

Trading RDP credentials is a global business, with daily transactions running into the 100s. What’s so attractive about this particular crime is that hackers can use RDP to gain remote access by which they can anonymously monitor and compromise the network. Once they have gained access, they can access sensitive documents and instal malicious tools.

It is imperative that businesses take the threat of RDP seriously. Enlist the services of an expert to frequently review your security protocols and systems. You should also ensure that people with access to your networks use very strong passwords that contain a combination of characters, numbers, and upper- and lowercase letters. Finally, recruit a trusted source to scan the dark web for any offers to sell data related to your business. That way, you’ll know whether your systems are at risk and can take immediate action.