Top Tips for Effective Mobile-Secure Working

Top Tips for Effective Mobile-Secure Working

Dennis Snider

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Covid has undoubtedly changed the way we work, with more and more people now working from home on a semi-permanent basis. However, while a significant amount of effort has been invested in making working via the cloud possible, less resources have been invested into streamlining off-site operations. Here are 6 top tips for working more effectively via your mobile device.

1. Ensure you use a high-speed Internet Service Provider
High-speed Internet access will be critical to your ability to work efficiently from home. If you currently have a sluggish ISP, you could be losing valuable time. Upgrade to a high-speed ISP at the earliest opportunity.

2. Get a better router
As your devices are likely connected to your home network via Wi-Fi, it is critical that you have a router that offers the bandwidth and speed you need to operate data-heavy applications and multiple packages. Having a high-speed ISP will do very little if your router is letting you down.

3. Don’t rely on Microsoft 365 mobile apps
While Microsoft 365 is great and certainly something we recommend, its software apps, such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, don’t offer the same level of useability and functionality as the full Microsoft suite.

4. Get rid of “freeware”
As home-working was something that hit many people unplanned, many workers have been forced to try and work things out for themselves. As they didn’t want to invest their own money in software, many opted for freeware packages that are not secure and usually inefficient.

5. Remove any distractions
One significant issue with home working that impacts many people is everyday distractions. If you’re attempting to work from a device that you also use for your personal life, you may be continually interrupted by personal notifications. Turn off notifications while you are working so you can remove as many distractions as possible.

6. Be mindful of security risks
It’s more important than ever to be aware of security risks. As such, you should ensure you take important steps to increase your security. Never leave your device unattended in a public space, do not respond to any suspicious emails, steer clear of public networks, use multifactor identification, and ensure your operating systems are up to date at all times. If the information you are working with is highly sensitive, enlist the services of an IT provider to ensure your working processes are secure.