Why You Should Hold Off on the iOS 14.5

Why You Should Hold Off on the iOS 14.5

Dennis Snider

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Apple is launching iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. We are promised a number of new features, including new voices for Siri and a new version of Face ID that allows you to unlock your iPhone without taking off your face mask.

While many will be eager to avail themselves of these new features, being an early adopter of software and updates, even from a company as prestigious as Apple, can be disadvantageous. It’s well worth waiting just a few days after any update to see what happens before adopting it yourself.

There are two reasons for this: firstly, every now and again an update will contain some bug that can cause significant problems, e.g, the 2016 update that bricked iPad Pros for some people, and another 2016 update that meant that some repaired iPhones stopped working. As many people have found, if you update to the latest iOS and then find it’s not working, it’s hard to get back to where you were.

Secondly, with many updates, app developers aren’t always as ready as the parent company, meaning that their apps won’t run optimally or sometimes even at all with the new updates. If you have favorite apps that you use a lot, you might want to wait a while and check that the developers have released updates to allow them to seamlessly integrate with the latest version of iOS.

Of course some people will be keen to get their hands on the new update as quickly as possible; if this is you, do make sure you have a current backup for your Apple device before you install the update, so if the worst comes to the worst you won’t lose all your photos, numbers, messages, and other precious data.