Reusing Planner Plans as Templates

Reusing Planner Plans as Templates

Dennis Snider

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A lot of time and energy goes into creating plans for teams and organizations, with many people using Microsoft 365’s Planner to accomplish this. One frequent question that arises from using this facility is how can reusable templates for plans be created.

It’s highly frustrating for planners to have to create new plans every time they start a new group or project. Taking this on board, Microsoft have now introduced improvements to the Copy Plan experience, which means that plans can be copied into groups and teams that already exist.

To copy a plan over and use it as a template, simply click on the three dots in the planner and select “Copy plan”. Rename the plan, then select the Copy to Group drop-down and choose the group you want to copy it to. When you do this, you will be offered the option of customizing the plan so that you only include the elements that you want (note that you can only copy over attachments if the plan has been copied internally to a group, not to a new group). Click on Copy Plan and in a short time the new copy will arrive in your Recent plans folder ready for use.