Simple Productivity Boosters

Simple Productivity Boosters

Dennis Snider

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Many of us spend most of our working day at our computers, and we are now so used to it that it is easy to overlook the fact that we could be working in a number of unproductive ways. Of course, almost anybody is more productive with a computer than without it, but there are many distractions available nowadays that can lead us away from optimal productivity. Below are some suggestions that could help you regain productivity.

Productivity level monitoring: Set up an application like RescueTime, a Google Chrome extension, to record which sites you are visiting most often and how long you are on your computer each day. This will show you whether or not you are spending too much time looking at social media sites instead of getting your work done and allow you to make adjustments accordingly.

Keyboard shortcuts: Learning a few common keyboard shortcuts can save a second or two in comparison to continuously using the mouse, and it’s surprising how seconds add up into minutes add up to hours of recovered productivity over the course of a year. Some of the most useful ones ALT + Tab, which toggles between open windows, CTRL + C, V and X, respectively copying, pasting, and cutting selected items, and CTRL + Z, undoing changes.

Unclutter yourself: over time, it’s easy to allow your desktop to become a dumping ground for all your files, photographs et cetera – sometimes we think this actually helps productivity as everything is there for us when we need it, but in fact it simply slows you down trying to sort through the mess. A few hours decluttering your desktop can work wonders for your productivity. With email, most services have the capability of providing a priority inbox that only shows your important messages.

Block out time wasters: If you spend time on social media while you’re at work, it’s astonishing how much productivity you can lose: just 15 minutes each working day equates to 57 hours a year, seven whole working days every year lost. Use your filters to block these sites for yourself and your workers and the productivity boost could be amazing.

To-do lists: There is a variety of organizational software available, e.g., Google Tasks, that can help you to organize your time and keep track of your workflow. Simply spending a few minutes each day to get your ducks in a row and know where you are going can hugely increase productivity.