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Question: How can I embed an online video in an email message?

There is no direct way to embed videos into email messages due to a number of security blocks. What you can do however is add an image of the video to your email with a link that will open it in its source website.
First, you can get your image by finding the thumbnail in the video itself, right-clicking the image and using “Save Picture As.” If you want to show a particularly interesting part of the video, just pause it during playback and press Print Screen on the keyboard. You can then use any picture editor to crop the image and make it the right size for your email.
If you want to go a step further, you can even overlay a play button to make it obvious that it has a link.
Insert the image into your email by simply using “Insert> Picture” (note: this will only work with HTML messages).
Look at the video on the source website, and you’ll see that there are links in the information section: copy the URL link (you could also do this by copying the link from your browser address bar).

Now simply select the picture you’ve already inserted into your email, then “Insert >Hyperlink” and paste in the address you copied. The image and the link are now good to send.

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