A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Keyboard

A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Keyboard


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Most of us spend a lot of time on computers, but we don’t always think about one of the most essential interfaces we use: the keyboard. If you give a little thought to this piece of hardware when it needs replacing, you’ll be surprised how much it will enhance your computing experience.
There are a few things you should think about when looking for a new keyboard:

Type of Work
There are many models of keyboards designed for special purposes. If you do a lot of number-based work, make sure you have a numeric keypad. If you’re mainly going to be playing games, gaming keyboards are available with special keys designed for that purpose. Ergonomic keyboards will increase comfort for those who have to do a lot of typing.

Different keyboards use different types of switches underneath the keys to transmit your keystrokes. Depending on the switches, a keyboard can be extremely sensitive or require heavy pressure; always try out a keyboard before you buy and make sure the keystroke suits your style.

Nearly all wired keyboards now use USB to connect; Bluetooth keyboards that aren’t tied to your computer with a cable are also available, although they may be more challenging to set up. Lots of keyboards will need additional software to work, so make sure you choose a keyboard that will run with your computer.

Standard keyboards will generally feature the normal 104-key layout, plus multimedia keys. A gaming keyboard will have extra multimedia and gaming keys. An ergonomic keyboard is designed to keep your hands in a natural position and allows your wrists to rest. These keyboards are relatively expensive, but they can prevent wrist pains and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Illuminated keyboards are available if you have to do a lot of work in dark spaces, and roll-up keyboards are available for those who value portability. Liquid resistant and fully washable keyboards are now on the market, along with models that incorporate specialist layouts for programmers.

A wireless keyboard certainly makes your desk look smarter, but it may cause interference with other wireless peripherals. Wireless keyboards also lag slightly, which makes them less useful for gaming, and you do have to factor in the extra cost of batteries.

Additional Keys
Many keyboards now have extra buttons for volume control, pausing music or video, etc. You can even get keyboards with a touchpad or joystick, eliminating the need for a mouse.

Keyboards are available in a massive range of prices, so think about the features above and what really suits your needs to avoid spending more than is necessary.

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