Tips to Enhance Your Mac Security

Tips to Enhance Your Mac Security

Dennis Snider

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Strong passwords are one of the best things you can use to make your computer secure, but below are a number of options for Mac users to improve their security even further:

Change your security settings: under System Preferences >Security >System you can tell the computer to request a password after sleeping or having the screensaver on, disable automatic logins into your account, password protect system preferences on your computer, enables secure virtual memory, which will encrypt even temporary information, and disable your remote control receiver, so that other people can’t control your computer without your permission.

Use the software update feature. Apple regularly releases updates to the security and patch any weaknesses that have been exposed. The default setting is to check for updates every week, but you can change this if you wish in System Preferences > Software Update.

Make your email secure: the number of programs that securely encrypt and add electronic signatures to your email, such as Pretty Good Privacy, and Gnu Privacy Guard all now offer versions of their programs for Mac.

Phishing is one of the security risks that all computer users have to watch out for. Phishing usually consists of an email that appears to emanate from a legitimate organization that asks you to follow a link to a legitimate-looking website where you will be asked for personal details, including passwords. This can, and has, led to the loss of absolute fortunes. If you have the slightest suspicion that an email isn’t legitimate, go directly to what you know is the legitimate website for the organization and log in from there – you’ll soon find out if the original communication was legitimate.

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