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Free Windows 10 Upgrade
At the beginning of last year, Windows 7 entered the End of Life phase, i.e. it was no longer supported by Microsoft and users were strongly encouraged to download Windows 10. At the time this was free, but nowadays most people would believe that they have to pay the $120 upgrade fee for the latest version of Windows. However, it appears that Microsoft have left a loophole allowing for free upgrades to continue, and they don’t seem particularly bothered about it as their primary aim is to keep people on Windows rather than alternative operating systems. Some users have found that although reinstalling Windows 7 wipes out your chances of a free upgrade, if you use the Windows Media Creation Tool and select the upgrade option from there, you can still get a free copy of Windows 10 that will work every bit as well as the $120 option.

Private Number
Recently both Facebook and TikTok have been subject to serious security breaches that have allowed hackers to access user phone numbers; once they have these, they can use them as a gateway for additional attacks.
There are two options for those who wish to avoid this problem: one is to remove your phone number from all online accounts. This does mean that two factor authentication will not be as secure, but by using apps such as Google Authenticator or Authy you can still use app-based authentication.
Some services demand a phone number when setting up an account for verification: in this case, simply don’t give out your real phone number. You can obtain a Google Voice number for free and set it to forward messages to your real phone number, making it an easy and secure way of keeping two factor authentication without putting your real number out there.
However, no phone number can ever be completely secure, so always be wary of any unexpected or “too good to be true” messages or calls you receive, and don’t give your number out except where it is absolutely essential.