Small Businesses Are Turning to Multi-Factor Authentication

Small Businesses Are Turning to Multi-Factor Authentication

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In recent years the cost of technology has dramatically decreased. Now, it’s not uncommon for an individual to have a computer, a smartphone, and a third device like a tablet. The number of devices can also be doubled when taking into consideration work devices.

This portability has opened new opportunities in our personal and work lives. But it has also created a challenge with regards to security and the way that people log into their numerous devices. Multi-Factor Authentication has emerged as the solution to this challenge.

Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Multi-Factor Authentication
Essentially, multi-factor authentication is a defense against hackers and unsavory parties who want access to your information.

MFA uses two or more methods to determine that a person is who they say they are: biometric verification, security tokens, and passwords.

Just one of these methods alone isn’t enough. A hacker could potentially uncover a password or cheat a security token. But the combination of multiple methods means that you can rest assured your sensitive business information is safe.

You’ve probably used MFA yourself multiple times. Google commonly requests a password and sends a code to a person’s smartphone. This method of defense is becoming increasingly important in today’s business world, particularly in the finance industry. Managed IT Providers are offering this technology and leveraging the power of new tech like fingerprint and retinal scanners.

How Employees Benefit from MFA
MFA is welcomed by many employees because it makes their work simpler and safer. Once they are logged in, they can gain access to a range of applications simultaneously without having to waste time logging in. It’s also much safer, which gives your team peace of mind.

Some employees may exhibit an initial resistance to MFA, believing that it is a complicated procedure. You’ll soon find, however, that your team will be on board in no time and excited about the potential of this new security.

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