Sharpen Up Your Browser Security Before It’s Too Late

Sharpen Up Your Browser Security Before It’s Too Late

Dennis Snider

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To make your browser more secure, there are number steps you can take that will both enhance your privacy and make your browsing experience more pleasurable.
The first thing you should do is block advertisements and pop-ups that can easily, even accidentally, take you to sites you don’t want to visit. A resource like AdBlock Plus will filter out any ads. This can help prevent malicious viruses from getting on your system, and block other parties from accessing your browsing history. It’s easy to give permission for pop-ups from sites that you trust.

When you’re online, many entities will try to track your behavior, from government agencies to social media websites. Obviously, the more information third parties have about your browsing habits, the easier it will be for them to track you and potentially compromise your security. One way to stop this is to use the browser extension Ghostery, which keeps a massive database of Internet trackers and gives you the option to block some or all of them.

Most people are aware of cookies, the small packets of information that websites leave on your computer to improve your experience next time you visit the site. Unfortunately, cookies can also be used to track you and put undesirable software on your computer. All browsers have the option to delete cookies, but many people are not aware of “super cookies” powered by Flash, that can’t be deleted in the normal way. The browser extension BetterPrivacy deals with this problem by searching out and deleting super cookies for you.

Finally, you will be more secure if you use encrypted data when you visit a website. If a site is using encrypted data, you will see the HTTP letters at the start of its address. The browser extension HTTPS Everywhere will automatically ask sites to use HTTPS and block them if they can’t, thereby making sure all your browsing is fully encrypted.

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