It’s Good to Talk: Improve your Service with Chatbots

It’s Good to Talk: Improve your Service with Chatbots

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The aim of any retailer or service provider is to be able to provide customers with instant service whenever they need it, but for a small business it is not practical to employ sufficient staff to cover 24/7 helplines.

Chatbots can provide a valuable lifeline for such businesses, engaging with customers and answering FAQs on any form of electronic communication. It is estimated that this year 25% of online customer service will be provided by virtual agents; it is crucial that companies understand the best ways to exploit this new facility.

Every company is aiming to provide its customers with the perfect frictionless retail experience; people want to be guided to the right product and be able to purchase accurately and swiftly.

Virtual agents must be designed to provide courteous service in a tone appropriate for the company image and customer base. With 60% of customers saying that they would not buy from a company whose service they regarded as discourteous, it is crucial that chatbots offer the same standard of service you would expect from a human operative.

It’s a good idea to offer chatbots throughout the purchasing process, offering product information, demonstrations, discount codes, etc. This way the customer feels that they are receiving personal attention and will feel less need to speak to a human operative, reducing the demand on call centers and thereby decreasing running costs for retail operations.

Research has shown that while only 20% of the older generations are comfortable with chatbots, nearly half of Millennials are familiar and comfortable with their use; in fact, many prefer using them to speaking to a human advisor.

The Millennial market is worth $600 billion per annum, and with 56% of them saying that companies offering new ways of investigating and purchasing goods and services are more likely to get their interest, no retailer or service provider can afford to ignore the potential of chatbots.

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