Got an Old Tablet? Give it a Whole New Lease on Life!

Got an Old Tablet? Give it a Whole New Lease on Life!

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Many people relish the opportunity to update their technology; it is difficult for any of us to resist the allure of the shiniest new kid on the block. This means that many of us have dusty old technology hanging around at home that, in many cases, will stay there for years until it becomes entirely obsolete. This is financially and environmentally wasteful given the amount of resources that go into making these devices. Below are some suggestions as to how you can give your old tablet a new lease on life.

Although your old tablet might be too slow to cope with the latest applications, it will still be able to play music, either from its own hard drive or from a streaming service like Spotify. Strip off all the apps and data that you aren’t using and use the space for downloaded music. If the device has a failing battery, you can plug it into a charger and leave it in a corner to play your favorite music. An old docking station or spare PC speakers can be added to boost the sound. This is a great way of adding an extra music station to your study, workshop, home gym, etc.

Turn it into an e-reader
E-readers have taken the book market by storm, but there’s no denying that they can be expensive. An old tablet makes a perfect e-reader; just strip off all the data and apps you don’t need, install the free Kindle app and you’ve got an e-reader. Of course, this won’t have the e-ink capabilities of a dedicated e-reader, especially the ability to be read in direct sunlight, but it will still be very serviceable, and you can share any books you buy with your smartphone, computer or e-reader.

Recipe book
Tablets are great in the kitchen for looking at recipes and watching cooking demonstrations. However, kitchens are messy environments, with plenty of liquid, flames and sharp objects ready to damage your expensive tablet. Why not use an old one for this purpose? In addition to using it for your recipes, you can also use it to listen to the radio or streaming music while you cook.

Home security
Home security devices can be extremely expensive; an old tablet can give you many of the features of more expensive devices without breaking the bank. You can simply position your device so that it covers whatever you want to monitor with its camera, and then use an app to monitor your home at any time via a computer or smartphone.

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