Give your Cybersecurity a Healthcheck

Give your Cybersecurity a Healthcheck

Dennis Snider

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Cybersecurity is one of the biggest headaches for any company, large or small, in the modern era. As we become ever more dependent on shared data, remote servers, the Internet of things and so on, every business has to think about how it protects its most sensitive data and that of its customers. Although hackers are becoming ever more sophisticated and ingenious, so is the security technology that can protect your company from these attacks.

Microsoft is acutely aware that the degree to which its software can protect users against cyber criminals is one of the keys to its success, and so it has set up a free and simple Cybersecurity Health Assessment to help ensure that your business remains secure. You can take the health check here:

There are four central elements to this cybersecurity health check, addressing the areas of compromised identities, security for apps and data, placing more device controls in place, and safeguarding your infrastructure.

The first part of the assessment will address authorised user access through compromised identities. Every business nowadays should be rigorous about insisting on safe password protocols for users and must implement multifactor authentication for all access to the network.

Apps have become useful tools in modern computing, but third-party apps can compromise your system, either deliberately or unintentionally through design flaws. Managers must remain fully aware of all apps being downloaded on all company devices by all employees, checking them for weaknesses and making plans to secure data and accounts in case any particular app should crash.

Finally, the health check stresses that it is crucial to have a holistic safeguarding policy that creates integrated security for your service, your software, your data, employee devices, etc. The best way to achieve this is by employing seasoned IT professionals or outsourcing security checks to a competent reputable security firm.