Five Useful Tips For Gmail

Five Useful Tips For Gmail

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A selection of useful tips that could speed up your interactions with Gmail and improve your performance.

#1 Undo Send:
We all know that feeling when we press send and realize our email contains an error, or perhaps we said something in the heat of the moment that we instantly regret. Gmail now offers the Undo Send feature, so that for a few seconds after you hit send you have the option to recall your hasty email and the recipient will never see it.

#2 Canned Responses:
If you frequently find yourself sending out the same email over and over again, Canned Responses could save you a lot of time. It functions in the same way as an email template; just select it when it’s appropriate and you’ve saved yourself typing out the same reply for the thousandth time.

#3 Use Google Drive:
Gmail allows you to send attachments up to 25 MB, but sometimes that isn’t enough. If you’ve got a massive zip file full of photographs, for example, you’ll need more capacity. If you’ve activated Google Drive, simply put your file on there and then when you write your email click the Google Drive icon (to the right of the Attachment icon) and select the necessary files.

#4 Prioritize your inbox:
Priority Inbox sorts your messages by order of importance, starting with important/unread messages, then starred messages, two customizable slots, and then whatever is left. To activate this, visit Settings> Inbox> Inbox Type> Priority Inbox.

#5 Back it up:
Gmvault is open source software that allows you to backup everything in your Gmail directory, or selected messages. Anytime you need to re-create or restore a Gmail folder, the data is there for you. This software can also be used for shifting messages between accounts.

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