Six Good Reasons to Adopt Multiple Monitors

Six Good Reasons to Adopt Multiple Monitors

Dennis Snider

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The late author Sir Terry Pratchett, when asked why he had six different monitors at his writing station, replied, “Isn’t it obvious? It’s because there isn’t room for seven.”

Whilst most of us probably wouldn’t go quite as far, it’s undeniable that there are substantial advantages to having more than one monitor at your workstation, and this sort of setup is now commonplace with designers. Below we list some of the chief advantages of having multiple monitors.

1.Higher productivity
Research has proven that workers using multiple monitors are undoubtedly more productive, with reports of between 10% and 40% improvements, alongside a 20% fall in the number of errors made and reduced stress levels for operatives. Some research has estimated that companies will enjoy a 600% return on investment in extra monitors for their workstations.

2.Using multiple programs at the same time
Even those of us who aren’t graphic designers frequently need to have two programs open at the same time, for example, our email server and a Word document. Being able to refer to both simultaneously not only is more convenient and quicker but it reduces the need for clicking between the two and so lessens the risk of repetitive strain injury.

3.Keeping something “always open”
With two screens, you can get on with your primary work but at the same time monitor what’s going on elsewhere; for example, you might want to keep your company’s Facebook or Twitter account open on one screen just to keep an eye on what customers are saying while you get on with your core activities. With two screens, you don’t have to interrupt your main task to quickly check something else.

4.Increased laptop screen real estate
Most laptops can now easily be connected to a second monitor, so you can enjoy all the advantages of multiple screens but still pick up your computer and take it with you wherever you go.

5.Improved data sharing
Frequently you will need to copy items from one program to another; with multiple screens, you don’t have to copy, minimize one program, find the next program you need, open it and paste, it can be done in one simple click and drag.

6.Video conferencing
With multiple screens, you can videoconference on one screen while keeping all the data you need for your meeting open on the other.

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