Quick Tips on How to Declutter your Desktop

Quick Tips on How to Declutter your Desktop

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If you kept all your paperwork on the physical desk in your office, it would be chaos – it would be an endless distraction and finding what you wanted would be next to impossible. However, many people think nothing of keeping all of their folders and files on their computer desktop, where it has virtually the same results. Below are some tips that could help you have a more organized and productive desktop on your computer.

Select a basic wallpaper
Many people like to have family pictures or pictures of their pets on their desktop, but this creates a fuzzy background that makes it difficult to pick out icons or folders. Use a faded photograph that won’t interfere with your icons, or even better, just have a plain color.

Temporary storage only
As with your physical desktop, try only to keep “live” work on your desktop. Once you finish with a file, put it back in the directory where it belongs or delete it – either way, keep it off your desktop.

Use software for organization
Split your desktop up into sectors and keep the icons that you don’t use frequently hidden with programs like on Mac’s Dropzone or Windows’ Fences. These programs let you allocate files to specific categories like “Ongoing projects”, “Personal” etc. This helps you go directly to whatever you’re looking for.

Use automatic filing
Programs like Belvedere for Windows or Hazel for Mac can automatically put your files where you need them, for example putting all screenshots into a single file without being asked, or deleting downloads when they haven’t been used for a month.

Add another desktop
If you really can’t get your desktop organized, simply add another one. F3 on Macs will send you to Mission Control, where you can set up as many extra desktops as you want; Windows 10 users can do the same by using the Windows key + Tab. This will allow you to have different desktops for different aspects of your work, or to divide business and personal life.

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