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Question of the month: How can text be recovered from a damaged Word document?

Microsoft Word rules the roost in virtually every home, school, institution, and business across the world. Literally billions of words are written on Microsoft Word every day of the year. However, like any application, Microsoft Word can crash and this can result in significant, and sometimes expensive, data losses. Fortunately, certain techniques can be employed to recover text from a Word document when problems are encountered.

When trying to recover text from a Microsoft Word document that has been damaged, you should open Word, click on File> Open and select the document that is damaged. You will see the option to enter “Files of Type”: select “recover text from any file (*.*)”, and click OK.

When you change the “Files of Type” options, Word will make this your default setting. You should reset this when you’ve finished recovering your text.

If the file from which you need to recover text is not a Word file, you can still recover text using Microsoft Word.

Open Word> Tools> Options > General and select “Convert at Open” and then hit OK. Now go to File> Open and select the damaged file. You will see a dialogue box marked “Convert File”; in this select “Recover Text from Any File” and OK. This enables Word to convert your file and recover your text.

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