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Question: What is the best way to transfer data from PC to Mac?

So, you finally decided that it’s time to make the move from PCs to a shiny new Apple Mac? Before you start enjoying your new computer, you’ll need to transfer all your data over from your PC.

The first thing to do is to update software on both the PC and the Mac (even if the Mac is new, updates may have been released while it was sitting on the shop shelf). Once you’ve done that, connect the computers to a Wi-Fi network or with an ethernet cable such as USB-C or a Thunderbolt/Gigabit Ethernet adapter. You’ll need a stable Wi-Fi network if you’re using that. Make sure both computers are plugged into the poweroutlets, as the transfer can be a power heavy process.

Now go to your Mac and install the Windows Migration Assistant, which can be downloaded from the Mac site – there are various versions depending on which Mac OS you are using. Once you have that installed, go back to your PC, open Windows Migration Assistant there, and click continue. Now simply open the Assistant on the Mac, confirm that you want to bring in data from a Windows PC, and choose the name of your PC. A security code will appear onscreen on both devices; make sure that they match. If they do, click continue, then simply select all the data on the PC that you want transferred, and the computer will do the rest for you.

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