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Question: Is there a simple way I can share files through an Internet browser without having to login to any particular online service?

Sharing files with friends or colleagues can be a minefield, as everyone has their preferred service such as GTalk, Messenger or Dropbox. A new service, working inside all web browsers, removes the inconvenience of having to keep switching between different providers to share files.

Just Beamit works using P2P connections within your browser. Just follow these simple steps for a more convenient and swifter way of sharing files:

– In your web browser, open
– Select the file you are sharing and drag and drop it into the box on screen, or click “Select a file to beam” and choose the file on your computer
– A link will appear on screen that you can copy and send to the person you want to share with
– The progress of your transfer can be seen in the bottom right of the screen

Be aware that if either you or the person you’re sending it to closes the web browser during the download, the transfer will be disconnected and incomplete, so you should make sure the person to whom you’re sending files is aware of this.

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