Productivity Tips for a Great 2019

Productivity Tips for a Great 2019

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As the end of 2018 looms large, the New Year marks the perfect time to reconsider your approach to work. A tweak to different areas can make you healthier, more productive, and much happier.

As we head into 2019, here’s some food for thought and some hot tips on how to boost your productivity in the new year and beyond.

Make Every Minute Count
Time moves quickly and it is the most precious resource that we have. Once it’s gone, it’s impossible to get back so it’s important that we use it as intelligently and efficiently as possible.

Next year there are going to be 525,600 minutes. Making each one count in some way is very important and using your time consciously can help to make you more productive and even happier.

Significant amounts of time are going to be spent working, with loved ones, sleeping, eating… Really meditate upon the importance of every minute and think about how you’ll make each one count in 2019.

Cut Down on Routine Tasks
Thinking about those minutes, how many of them are going to be used performing routine tasks? Cleaning up your inbox, checking social media, cleaning, having fruitless meetings…

Now’s the time to think about how you can optimize and automate. If you can liberate just a few minutes each day, that’s some serious time savings over the year. Routine tasks can be automated more easily than ever before – think about where you can save time.

Wake Up Early
Generally speaking, the earlier you are to rise, the more you’ll get from your day. If you can wake up early, get breakfast, and even enjoy a quick workout, you’ll be energized and ready to be productive.

We all know the feeling of waking up just before the commute and still feeling groggy by the time we get to the desk. You should challenge yourself to wake up earlier for a set period of time and see how it works. Initially it can be difficult, but some people never look back.

Sleep More
You should also go to bed earlier. This ensures that you can get the appropriate amount of quality sleep that you need. We need to be well rested and fresh to deliver our best, so don’t spend 2019 sleepy and pushing your limits – rest is important.

Hit the Gym
The health benefits of regular exercise are well understood by now. We all know that just a few minutes of regular exercise each day can make our cardiovascular system healthier while helping us to feel fresh.

There are more fitness apps than ever before – consider trailing a different one each few days until you find the one that stick and helps you to get that great workout.

Clean Up Your Digital Space
If you work regularly with computers, then you’ll want to ensure that they’re as clean and organized as possible. This means rethinking your organization methods, deleting old files, and optimizing the speed of your machine.

We hope that these tips will help you get your 2019 off to a great start and help you continue far into the year!

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