Microsoft Launches a New Affordable Tablet for Small Businesses

Microsoft Launches a New Affordable Tablet for Small Businesses

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Microsoft has recently launched its new Surface Go tablet. With a launch price of just $399, it’s half the price of the company’s lowest priced Surface Pro, offering a budget option for people who are looking to use Microsoft Office on a tried-and-tested and highly popular system. According to Microsoft, the Surface Go tablet was designed to provide users with access to a Surface product that is more affordable, lightweight, and accessible.

The new product is available in the same design as its more expensive stablemate, with a choice of four colors, integral kickstand, and a friction hinge that allows the screen to fold completely flat.

Buyers also have a choice of specification. They can choose between the basic $399 version or invest an extra $150 bucks and buy the $549 offering, which comes with extra storage and RAM. Both machines use the Intel Pentium Gold processor and come with a 10-inch display with 1800 x 1200 pixels, Wi-Fi connectivity, a 5-megapixel front facing camera with an eight-megapixel camera at the rear, a USB-C 3.1 port, and a choice of the Windows 10 S Home OS or Windows Pro. Microsoft claim that the battery life is around nine hours. It is anticipated that Microsoft will launch a 4G model towards the end of the year.

If you want to take full advantage of the technology that is on offer in the Surface Go tablet, you’ll need to buy some additional extras and these are not particularly cheap. The Type (keyboard) Cover costs between $99 and $120 depending on color, the Surface Pen (stylus) costs $99, and a mobile mouse will set you back $34.99. However, you do get Windows 10 and the complete Office suite thrown in for your $399, which should attract plenty of interest from small business owners. Reviewers have commented that the device seems to strike a good balance between cool design and practical function. It is a budget option, so don’t expect superfast performance, but it does look as though it will be just right for small businesses looking for an affordable, portable, and functional solution.

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