Skype’s Private Conversations Feature Launches

Skype’s Private Conversations Feature Launches

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Microsoft has been testing end-to-end encryption on Skype calls since January, and it’s now rolled it out for all users. The new feature, which is called Private Conversations, works across all common platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The system can now offer end-to-end encryption when sending files and texts. In addition, it can even encrypt the images and sound that are shared during audio calls. However, one potential limitation of this much-needed new feature is that you can’t make multiple calls at the same time when it is activated.

The Private Conversations features can be activated by selecting New Chat (on mobile) or Chat+ (on desktop) followed by New Private Conversation. Select the contact that you want to call or send a message to and they’ll be sent an invitation that’s good for seven days. If you want to switch back to the standard Skype functionality, you can use the tabs that are available at the top of the screen – these also allow you to switch to private conversation when making an ordinary Skype call.

If you want to switch devices during a conversation, you will have to sign into Skype and signal your acceptance from the new device.

Any previous conversations can be deleted by clicking on the chat header, selecting chat settings, delete private conversation, and then delete. Follow the same first two steps to end a private conversation before selecting End Conversation in the final stage.

It is worth noting that you can’t edit messages or forward files when you are using Skype in the private conversations mode. In addition, a further privacy feature is that you won’t be able to see previews of your private conversations in any chat list or notifications.

End-to-end encryption adds an extra layer of security to Skype because it guarantees that only those people who are part of the conversation can see any of the messages, images, or other forms of media that are exchanged.

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