Let Google Alerts Help Monitor Your Small Business

Let Google Alerts Help Monitor Your Small Business

Dennis Snider

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Google Alerts is a highly versatile tool that looks for times when content on the Internet is changed and lets you know about it. It has been around for nearly two decades now, but many people still don’t know about it: using Google Alerts, you can be informed when your chosen keywords or search terms are used, and which websites users were directed to because of them. Using this tool, you can ask Google to let you know every time someone says something about your business, keeping you informed via email at a frequency selected by yourself. This allows you to interact with people who talk about your business online, whether positively or negatively, so you can thank them for their positive remarks and address the negative ones; never again will you have to worry that a negative impression of your business is being promulgated online without you knowing it.

If you write articles or blogs, you can ask Google to alert you every time your name or your work is mentioned online and direct people who are talking about it to more examples they could view.

Another feature of Google Alerts is that you can ask Google to let you know whenever a specific industry in which you are interested is mentioned on the Internet, e.g., you could ask for an alert when “Leather bookbinding” or “puncture proof cycle treys” is mentioned, and so keep up with all the latest news from your specific industry.

Google Alerts can also help you keep tabs on your competition: you can ask to be informed whenever your competitors release new products, make the news, issue press releases et cetera. You can also check out what other people are saying about your competitors’ offerings.

Finally, Google Alerts is a perfect way of researching your clientele. Using accurate search terms, you can be alerted every time someone in your client base, or potential clients, is mentioned, so you can keep track of what they are saying and what they want.

Setting up Google Alerts is simplicity itself: simply visit the Google Alerts webpage (you can find it by googling!), set up your keywords, the frequency you want to be informed, the regions you’re interested in, the number of results you want to see, enter your email address, and you’re done. You will start receiving Alerts that can help you grow your small business at the intervals you have specified.