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Question: How can I export my Google Drive files?

Google Drive is one of the most popular platforms of storing and organizing files and documents online. However, savvy IT users know that there is always a chance of something going wrong and as with any IT endeavor, you should always think about having a backup for your files.

Fortunately, Google have recognized this too, and they have made available a tool for exporting data, Takeout, allowing users to do this quickly and easily.

The first thing to do is to go to Google Takeout’s website and use your Google details to sign in. The default setting with this tool is that when asked it will export all of your data from every Google service you use, for example all your Gmail messages, alongside your Cloud Drive storage. To avoid clogging up your storage with backup you don’t need, you can click on “deselect all” and then scroll down and check the box for “Drive”. Following that, you can customize your download by using the “Drive content options” feature. Using the “Multiple Formats” option, you can select the format you want your files to be backed up in.

Moving on from there, Google offers you the opportunity to personalize your export options: you can request that the archive should be emailed to you, or it can be directly uploaded onto another cloud storage facility. Once everything is set to your satisfaction, you can instruct Google to start backing up your chosen folders. If you have a lot of data, this could take several days; you can always cancel the export if you need to or want to edit it.

When the process is complete, Google will email you with a link to your archived data, allowing you to download it and save it on the storage of your choice.