Office Delve May Just be the Solution to Your Productivity Problems

Office Delve May Just be the Solution to Your Productivity Problems

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It’s highly likely that you exchange a significant number of files between colleagues and clients on a daily basis. In the process of doing so, you can amass a significant number of files and find yourself in a situation in which it is very difficult to find the files you are looking for amid the mass of data.

That’s where Microsoft Office Delve comes in.

If you haven’t previously heard of Microsoft Delve, you won’t be alone. This lesser-known tool offers some major benefits that can significantly improve your productivity.

Delve has been designed to help you quickly and easily find the information you are looking for. It offers a personalized overview of your files that contains visual ‘content cards’ of the files that you’re likely to be interested in and the content that potentially relevant colleagues are working on.

Office Delve harnesses the powers of Microsoft Graph’s artificial intelligence to assess the signals that team members send out via the Office 365. For example, if you and a colleague are working on the same file at some point, Microsoft Graph will assume that you have a working relationship and subsequently use this signal to identify what files and data may be of interest to you.

One of the downsides of Delve is that, although it can identify what content is potentially relevant to you, it is not able to structure it as it cannot comprehend the file content. As such, the potentially relevant documents are presented in a random order. However, this issue can be overcome using the options, which enable you to structure the files for yourself. For example, if you tag a content card as a favorite, it will move to your Favorites tab. You also have the opportunity to combine multiple documents on a single board.

A further benefit of Delve is that its integrated MyAnalytics enables you to gain insights into how productive you are. For example, you can use it to evaluate how much time you have spent in meetings, responding to emails, or compiling presentations. MyAnalytics also generates useful tips on how you can enhance your productivity and helps you to manage your time better.

Undoubtedly, Delve is a very powerful tool. Although it will involve some change management to implement and exploit, it could fundamentally change the way you work for the better.

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