New Office 365 Features Everyone Should Know About

New Office 365 Features Everyone Should Know About


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The latest Office 365 is jam-packed full of features that can help you get the most out of your computer. However, it can often be overwhelming when bombarded with a host of new functionality.

Here are three handy features that you should check out.

PowerPoint Zoom
PowerPoint is a great tool for presentations, but you may have found it awkward when you want to go back to a particular slide in your presentation; up to now, you would have to click back and back until you got to the right slide, which certainly didn’t make for a smooth presentation. However, with the July Insider update for Office 365, you can freely skip around your presentation as much as you want.
The new feature is called Zoom. When you’re in PowerPoint, you can use it by simply selecting “Insert” and then “Zoom.” “Summary Zoom” will show your complete presentation on one page; “Slide Zoom” will show the slides you choose, and “Section Zoom” will show any section you select. PowerPoint will place thumbnails of your slide/section/summary on your first page, and you can then jump to each slide with a single click.

Better Collaboration/Sharing on Outlook
When you want to create a distribution list, you would generally ask your IT department to set it up; if you forget to put someone on that list, they may subsequently miss your emails and be left out of the loop. You can avoid this by using Groups for Outlook, which allows you to set up a shared collaborative workspace.
In Outlook 2016, on the Home tab, choose “Create Group” and set up the details of your group. In “Advanced Options,” you can decide whether members of the group should receive emails or can access the group’s inbox. You will then have the option to add as many members as you want and send out a welcome email to let everyone know the group is established.

Tell Me Function
This new function means that you no longer have to hunt for commands and options in Office 365 products. At the top of the window in all Office 365 applications, you’ll see the “Tell me what you want to do” option with a light bulb next to it. Simply type in what it is you want to do, and a drop-down menu will appear that contains all the related tool options. Simply click on the one you need, and that’s it.

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