How to Leverage Technology to Increase Employee Productivity

How to Leverage Technology to Increase Employee Productivity


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If you’re managing employees, tracking their productivity is vital. In recent years much new technology has come to market that helps in this essential monitoring. The ability to monitor and so increase employee productivity can make a massive difference to a company. Below are some of the things you can use to boost productivity.

Internet Site Blockers: We all know how easy it is to be distracted by the Internet, spending time on Facebook, etc. when we should be working. Many different tools are available to prevent employees spending your time on their social media etc. It’s quite simple to block access to the sites that waste time at no benefit to the company. Imagine a company with 50 workers, each of whom spends half an hour day checking their Facebook, Instagram, etc. while at work: over a year that’s over 6000 worker hours lost, or $120,000 – equivalent to wages of three fulltime workers!

Production Trackers: Companies that have workers on the factory floor can now take advantage of wearable technology that can return important production monitoring metrics such as steps walked in a day, number of units produced, time spent on the premises, etc. Research has demonstrated that employees who know they are being monitored are, on average, more productive than those who are not.

Software to Block Mobile Apps: A number of providers now offer software that can block selected mobile apps on a company’s network. Most employees’ work these days involves using a mobile device at least some of the time; with these apps you can make sure that when they are using their devices it is for company work, not their own entertainment. Additionally, blocking selected apps can improve your network security.

Inactivity Trackers: These are somewhat controversial with employees and unions, so should be introduced sensitively, but we all know that guy who spends his whole day wandering around the office chatting instead of getting his work done, distracting others from their work at the same time. Trackers can monitor how long a particular workstation is inactive, and so encourage workers to stay at their desks and deal with their tasks.

Create a Company Culture: It’s no good assuming that your company is so great to work for that people will be motivated no matter what. Good companies create a culture that not only encourages hard work but makes employees feel valued as well as motivated to work hard.

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