New Microsoft Teams Features

New Microsoft Teams Features

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Microsoft announced a number of new features to be added to the Microsoft Teams service, described below.

Find a meeting room
When you’re looking for a place to hold a hastily-convened meeting, the Teams app can now help you; just look on your desktop or mobile and it will show you the nearest available Teams-equipped room. As soon as you’re in the room, the room’s display and console will show your meeting, and you can access your desktop in content-only mode, meaning audio and video will become available without being affected by any other devices.

Multi-team workers
Numerous workers using Firstline will be members of several teams; within the Shifts feature, multi-team working is now supported, allowing employees to see multiple profiles and shift patterns instead of having to switch between teams.

Improve time management
Teams now sends out notifications of meetings to which you’re invited, alerting you as soon as the meeting starts. Instead of having to look for the meeting on your calendar, you can join it with a single tap. This feature is disabled when you’re active on your desktop or are in a designated quiet hour.

Phone management
The Teams app now allows teams to be managed through a phone; simply choose a team, choose “Manage members”, and you can add a person using their email address.

Call to meeting
If you give Teams a phone number, you can now receive a call from any meetings you’re involved in, either before or during the meeting. If you accept the call, you’ll be patched straight into the meeting.

Usage reports
You can now analyze the ways Teams is being used off-line, by exporting reports to CSV files; simply select a report in the Analytics and Reports section of the admin center, export it to Excel, and download.

Class Materials
Users of Teams for Education can use the new Class Materials folder to share documents in read-only mode with students, meaning they can see the files but they won’t be able to modify them in any way.

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