Five Steps to Declutter Phone

Five Steps to Declutter Phone

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Millions of smartphones are sold each year. They are incredible gadgets which have truly transformed the way that we all live. We have access to incredible swathes of information, high-quality cameras, and the opportunity to reach anyone we know in just a moment.

The issue is, our smartphone can often be too attractive. We want to play with it constantly and many of us would admit that we have developed an unhealthy relationship with the technology. If you’re looking to limit your screentime, here are six steps to declutter your phone and use it less.

Be ruthless when deleting apps
Over time, we build up a large library of applications. They might be the latest game or social media application that you haven’t used in a long time. Go through your applications and be sure to pay attention to which you don’t use anymore. Clearing up the phone will help you to focus.

Use Black and White Mode
Research suggests that using the phone in black and white mode (there’s the option to activate it by pressing the home button three times on the iPhone) can help to avoid your eye being caught by the red notification color. This helps you to use the phone without getting sucked in.

Delete Old Photos
Over the years you will have built up a wide range of photos, and it can be tempting to browse through them. They also take up a lot of space on your phone, so be sure to go through and clear them up. This can even be a fun activity and it helps you avoid getting sucked into the phone in the future.

Manage Push Notifications
Over the course of the day you will probably receive a huge number of push notifications. Every app is vying for your attention, so you should be sure to manage those in order to avoid being pulled into the phone at a moment’s notice.

Use the Activity Monitor
The iPhone now has an activity monitor, and Android devices offer similar tools. This helps you to see how often you’re using your phone and it gives you an interesting insight into your activity. Set goals and limit your time on certain apps by using this powerful tool.

We hope that these tips help you to curb the smartphone habits and take control of your free time!

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