Five Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Five Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Dennis Snider

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Loosely defined, a productivity app is any piece of software that boosts your productivity, i.e. makes working easier and helps you to do more in a shorter time than you would without it. Below we list five of the best productivity apps available for 2021.

CloudApp: CloudApp works on the principle of the old adage “don’t tell, show”. It’s an app that allows you to communicate visually with your colleagues or customers; rather than writing out long emails, you can show people what you mean with screenshots, screen recordings, GIFs, and annotated images, all of which are simple to produce using the app.

Calendar: One of the most basic tools to improve your productivity is a calendar – better planning makes for better productivity. The Calendar app uses artificial intelligence to learn about the way you plan and to arrange your appointments and meetings in whatever way best suits you. It makes sure that you are never double booked, and by sharing a link to the app you can allow other people to book appointments with you without having to go through the usual scheduling song and dance.

LastPass: If we added up the amount of time we spend trying to remember passwords (and often having to reset them) it would come to a significant period over the course of the year, and actually any user-generated password, which will inevitably consist of memorable words or numbers, is easy to hack. LastPass is a browser extension that only needs a single password; for everything else, the app will create unique secure passwords for you, making it easy to access your most used tools without wasting time trying to remember passwords.

LucidChart: LucidChart helps to boost productivity by allowing you to create professional looking visuals just with your mouse or basic keyboard commands. You can create your own customized document, or use one of the many templates which can be edited for shape, colour and layout to make high-quality charts for any purpose. The app is optimised for team working, so your colleagues can work with you on your designs in real time.

HelloSign: HelloSign says goodbye to the old days of having to scan contracts, email them, and receive scanned signed copies back. HelloSign allows you to scan in your signature one time and from then on you can sign documents and contracts electronically with the click of a mouse. Every document using HelloSign is fully secure and just as legally binding as an ink on paper signature.