Backing up Your Data in the Cloud

Backing up Your Data in the Cloud

Dennis Snider

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If you lose any of your important data, that could literally destroy your company in very short order. Not only is there the risk of malicious parties exploiting your data, if you have to tell clients or customers that you have lost any confidential information regarding their accounts, confidence plummets and they start to look elsewhere.

Therefore, it is vital that you have a backup where you can store your files and quickly restore them. Keeping data on an external hard drive well away from the rest of your equipment is an excellent idea, but even then, you can’t be guaranteed security.

Online backup services, which are rapidly expanding and frequently offer free or very low-cost storage, could be your answer. Once you’ve opened an account with one of these providers, you can upload your files straight from your computer to their cloud, or alternatively you can install software that automatically harvests, compresses, encrypts, and uploads your files.

The costs are generally assessed in terms of the amount of storage space you need and what security level you want. Shop around and see what sort of plans best suit you; don’t forget to look for extra services that some providers have and some don’t, e.g. mobile phone access and file versioning, which means that you can retrieve all the versions of a particular document or file, rather than just the last one to be saved.

One note of caution is that the company with which you store your data might not be based in your own country, and their service may be subject to the laws of their own jurisdiction which may not be the same as yours, so check the legal implications of storing any confidential data with them.