5G Networks Scale New Heights

5G Networks Scale New Heights


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5G (fifth generation mobile) is the latest improvement in telecommunications. Techno-heads have been excited about its technical possibilities for a long time, but what does it mean for the everyday Joe on the street who simply wants to use his mobile for everyday purposes?

Firstly, 5G will add to, not replace, the 4G network, adding thousands of miniature antennae to the network and thereby increasing reliability, capacity, and bandwidth; it’s predicted that mobile speeds will rise from 100 MB per second towards 10 GB per second. This means that existing technologies, like high definition video, and new technologies, like virtual reality, will become much more usable on smartphones.

The increased capacity and speed 5G offer means that many more devices will be created that can send data to and from servers; for example, devices that can monitor your health, protect your home, offer you personalized entertainment, and so forth. For the elderly, 5G will be a great benefit, allowing health providers to track their well-being at all times and make sure their medications are being taken.

In the countryside, smart agriculture will be a great benefit of 5G, allowing for monitors in the ground, on livestock, etc. to interact with weather satellites and drones, telling farmers exactly what their crops need for the most efficient growth; this technology will also help to promote the most environmentally friendly forms of agriculture.

In open environments, self-driving cars will benefit massively from the speed of the 5G network. We can expect to see a massive rise in “smart city” applications, with sensors that monitor every aspect of the urban environment and regulate it accordingly. With thousands of people being killed every year in vehicular accidents, the realistic prospect of self-driving cars offered by 5G could literally be a lifesaver.

Installing the new 5G networks will be a massive undertaking, with all branches of government having to cooperate seamlessly to ensure the infrastructure is put in place. 5G has a tremendous potential to revolutionize the technological landscape in every area of our lives, and there is a great deal of excitement surrounding it. However, financiers are sounding a note of caution, noting that 5G will cost around $200 billion each year over the next decade, requiring massive private investment. Questions have also been raised as to whether, until the benefits are absolutely clear, investors will be prepared to lay out such sums.

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