5 Business Tool Every Small Business Should Try

5 Business Tool Every Small Business Should Try

Dennis Snider

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As a Small Business staying efficient is a must if you want to survive. You have to find ways to do the most work in the shortest amount of time with the smallest effort possible.

There are so many online tools out there to choose from it can get quite overwhelming.
That’s why we have put together this list to help you choose the right tools for you.

Trello is a unique project management software. It’s unique because it removes all the fluff from the interface, taking away all the tools you do not need, and leaving you with the fundamentals. This makes it easier to use, and it helps you work more efficiently. It has a board feature that makes project tracking and planning very simple. If you run a fast-paced business that is built on finishing tasks quickly, then Trello is for you.

It can be quite challenging if you use multiple business tools to manage them all. This is what Zapier exists to help you with. Zapier allows you to connect all your apps, creating an ecosystem of business software and giving you the best of every tool you have. Zapier has an automation function that will save you a ton of work and time that you can put in other areas of your business.

Slack is a great platform for any business that is getting used to working remotely. It allows you to send messages instantly, create multiple channels so you can separate different work conversations. Slack is a great all-in-one platform for small businesses because it will enable you to integrate all forms of communication in one space, whether through voice calls, video conferencing, or text

The current world situation has put a lot of small businesses in a tight corner, forcing them to reduce their staff to cut costs or hire people at low rates. Hiring is not an easy task – doing background checks and going through the onboarding process can be a hassle. GoodHire is there to help you fast-track this process by doing all the late heavy-lifting in the final stage of the hiring process. GoodHire has a thorough process that will sniff out any information that got past you, saving you time and resources.

For a small business today, Social media presence is not an option anymore. It’s a must. You need a tool that will help you manage all your social media activity in one place. Hootsuite is perfect for this. It allows you to schedule posts, promote the post and check analytics all in one place.

Elon Musk was not wrong when he said running a business is like chewing glass and staring in the abyss. But with the help of all these available tools, you can make life easier and your small business a successful one. They were made for you, so make use of them.