Microsoft Introduces a New Edge Browser

Microsoft Introduces a New Edge Browser


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The latest version of Microsoft’s Edge browser for Windows and Mac is now available for direct download. For iOS or Android devices the update will download automatically: with PCs and laptops it can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. It will automatically replace your previous version, but all your preferences, favorites and passwords will be ported across. It won’t interfere with any web apps, nor will it change any settings on your computer, e.g., it won’t make Edge your default browser if you are using another one at the moment.

If you’re not interested in downloading directly, you can wait for the next Windows update and it will be automatically upgraded. From then on, it will be automatically updated for you with all the latest security features and improvements round about every six weeks. There will be no automatic upgrade for those using Enterprise and Education packages.

If your organization has a collection of managed devices, these will not be automatically updated, nor will any devices running Enterprise, Education, or Workstation Pro editions of Windows. Administrators can select whether they want these devices/systems upgraded or not as they wish. Once Edge has been updated, you can set your system to either accept or reject future updates.
Microsoft has announced that they are planning for Edge to be built into Windows 10 in future, and an update to the OS will include this when it happens.

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