The Benefits of Virtualization

The Benefits of Virtualization

Dennis Snider

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In recent times, virtualization has become increasingly popular as it allows users to become more productive whilst simultaneously enjoying a reduction in the costs of IT infrastructure. Using virtualization, data center workloads can be controlled using less energy and requiring less infrastructure.

Virtualization allows single systems to run a number of different infrastructures at the same time. This can apply to networks, storage, or service, placing all resources in a single unit controlled through a central interface. This reduces the need for more expensive hardware.
For storage, virtualization can combine a number of devices and control them all simultaneously. This has significant advantages over having a number of separate installations in terms of cost and manpower.

Virtualization allows for faster recovery from system failures or disasters, minimizing losses and keeping business turnover. Older forms of infrastructure can take hours, days, or even weeks to recover from disasters, causing significant revenue losses.

Virtualized systems are easily scalable, allowing businesses to be flexible and grow their systems as they expand; upgrades and new apps are far easier to install than increasing infrastructure installations.

The more compact nature of virtualized systems means less energy is consumed, fewer operatives are needed, and less space is required for quality installations.

With the above cost reductions of virtualized systems allied to the lower levels of revenue loss in the event of disasters, virtualized systems offer a far better return on investment than traditional systems.

There are many other benefits to virtualization depending on the environment in which the system will be operating. It is inevitable that more and more companies will be moving to virtualized networks in future to enjoy the financial, manpower, and space savings it affords. Virtualization can be deployed in-house, but many companies choose to employ external specialists who can provide a full accounting of the costs and benefits and implement the transition to a virtualized system more smoothly and swiftly.

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