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YouTube Creators Phished
At the end of September, many YouTube users have had their accounts hijacked, particularly creators from the car review and auto-tuning groups. Many users received emails which guided them towards phishing sites, where account credentials were harvested by the hackers. It appears that the hackers followed this pattern:
– Phishing emails guided users to fake Google login pages; if users logged in, account credentials were harvested
– Google accounts were then accessed using the stolen credentials
– Popular channels were reassigned to a new owner
– The vanity URL of the channels were changed, making it look to the genuine owner and followers of the account was deleted.
It has been suggested that the hackers found a way of bypassing the two-factor authentication that is optional on YouTube. It has also been suggested that the hackers used one of the many reverse proxy-based phishing toolkits available for this attack.

File Extensions Banned in Outlook for Web
Microsoft is expanding its list of Outlook for web banned file extensions. 104 extensions were already banned, but 38 will now be added. The purpose of the ban is to prevent these extensions from delivering malware to Outlook users.

Once the ban is implemented, no attachments with a banned file extension will be downloadable, except when an Outlook/Exchange admin has specifically unblocked that file extension using special tools.

Microsoft has said that most of the banned extension types are not in common use, so the majority of users won’t be affected. The banned extensions include files from Java, Python and PowerShell, some digital certificates, and files that can be employed for the exploitation of vulnerabilities in third-party software.

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