Teams Conversations and File Storage Types

Teams Conversations and File Storage Types

Dennis Snider

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For obvious reasons, 2020 has been the year that Microsoft Teams has really come into its own. With Teams being the default way of working for many of us, is important that we think about the way we store our information using the application.

Teams does not store files itself, SharePoint does, but the way in which SharePoint/OneDrive handles your files is dependent on the conversation you have: there are three forms of conversation that can be held in Teams, Channel Conversations (involving the whole team), Private Channel Conversations (involving certain members of the team), and Private Chat (with people who are not in the team).

Channel conversations do not have their own security and may be accessed by any person who is a member of the Team. Every channel is allocated a specific folder in the Document Library on SharePoint that is given the same name as the Team and is available to all team members.

Private Channel conversations have their own storage space on SharePoint where all conversations on that particular channel, and files uploaded to it, are stored. These will only be accessible to people who are part of the Private Channel conversations.

Finally, we have private chat, a conversation with a person who is not a member of your Team project. You can access private chats by selecting the Chat function in Teams. However, because the person you are chatting with is not part of your Team, documents you or they upload will not be saved in the SharePoint Teams space. Instead, they will be uploaded onto your OneDrive account; when you want to access them, simply look for the Microsoft Teams Chat Files folder on your OneDrive account.