New Features Released in Windows 10 Update for May

New Features Released in Windows 10 Update for May

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The latest Windows 10 update is now out (it was going to be the April update, but it was delayed), bringing a number of major changes to Microsoft’s platform.

One of the biggest changes is that Windows 10 will now stop automatically installing large updates every six months; you’ll now be asked if you want to accept the update. If you don’t, you can keep on using your current version of Windows 10 for 18 months – the length of time Microsoft will still support you with security fixes. After that time, if you don’t accept the update, you won’t get security fixes. Additionally, home users can now pause updates for up to five weeks (though you have to do this in blocks of a week at a time).

The new update should speed up your PC, due to the new fix for the Spectre problem. This was a design issue with CPUs found in 2018 that could assist malicious parties in accessing other programs than the one you were using. Microsoft released a number of patches to protect PCs, but these slowed down the CPU; the latest update should bring your CPU back up to speed.

Windows 10 now has a new “light” theme on offer with this update. Users can now opt to have their taskbar, start menu, dialog boxes, etc. light-colored rather than dark, and there is a new light desktop wallpaper to go with this option. It is still possible to mix and match your options to have a mix of dark and light elements.

The default start menu in this new update has been de-cluttered, now appearing as a single column with less necessary items hidden in folders. This new start menu will only appear on new PCs or if you open a new account on a current one. In addition, the start menu’s search option can now search all your files rather than just ones from a specific directory. Simply go into Settings and choose the “Enhanced (Recommended)” option.

Finally, the new update allows for passwordless logins, whereby rather than having to remember a password Microsoft will text you a security code each time you want to login; once you are logged in you can always choose a different means of login such as a PIN. This is just an option in the new update; if you want to carry on using the traditional password login, you can.

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