Linux on a Desktop?

Linux on a Desktop?


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There is no doubt that Windows and MacOS dominate the world’s computer operating systems. Many people don’t even consider the third major operating system available, Linux, but they could be missing out. It is frequently seen as something only for computer experts, definitely a niche system, but it has a number of advantages, as listed below.

Customization: Apple is notorious for being very tight with its customization options; there are more available in Windows, but Linux is infinitely customizable. You can choose from numerous “distros” (Linux slang for “distributions”, i.e., versions) and change them as much as you wish to suit your purposes.

Advanced settings: Linux allows customization straight from the “terminal”, i.e. the command prompt. Absolutely anything can be controlled from this point, making Linux ideal for working with servers.

Lower demands: if you have an older or more basic computer that is struggling to keep up with all the updates provided by Apple or Microsoft, Linux could be a good solution for you. The customization capabilities available, as mentioned above, mean that you can make it as lightweight as you want, only running the features you need, thereby reducing your update cycles and speeding up your operations.

Stability: Linux is unrivaled for stability: bugs, crashes, and fatal errors are rarely reported.
While there is no doubt that Windows or MacOS suit many people, it would be wise to at least consider Linux for your operating system, you may find it opens many new doors for you – and being free, what have you got to lose by trying it?

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