Facebook Drives

Facebook Drives

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Facebook seems to be in the news more often for things that it’s done wrong than what it gets right, but sometimes it does show that it can be a force for good. One of the newest features on Facebook is “Drives”, which allows users to organize collections of food, clothing, or other vital supplies for those who need them. As well as providing this new feature, Facebook will be running some Drives of its own to get things started.

The new Drives feature is linked to the Community Help hub that has been around since 2017, designed to allow users to bring together resources in emergencies.

Drives can be started by typing “Community Help” into the search bar in Facebook and clicking on “Request or Offer Help”. After that, click the “Create Drive” button and fill in the form that asks what you are collecting and what your aims are. This Drive will then be shown on the Community Help hub, your newsfeed, and your timeline, allowing other users to share it, provide messages of support, and of course contribute to your Drive.

Facebook has promised that the new feature will be subject to the same monitoring and standards as the rest of its empire, and that any fraudulent or offensive material will be swiftly removed. With Facebook’s incredible global reach, it seems that this new initiative could be a very effective way of addressing emergencies, disasters and the current global pandemic, providing assistance for those who sorely need it. Facebook-owned Instagram is also expected to be rolling out a new fundraising feature soon, although the company has yet to announce precisely when this will be available.